Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Moved by Disney

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the
  Father of heavenly lights,
 who does not change like shifting shadows
but who  
came to seek and save what was lost 
James 1:17, Luke 19:10 combined

My sister-in-law recently shared how moved she was by Disney's newest movie, Tangled. When she used the word, "moved," I thought it a bit odd.  However, when she explained herself, the verb she chose fit just perfectly.

To begin, Tangled is the retelling of the classic tale, Rapunzel, the story of a young princess abducted at birth and forced to live secluded in a  tower, never knowing her true identity. With each passing year, the young girl becomes more and more discontent, wanting to know who she really is and what the outside world is like. Meanwhile, her true parents, the King and Queen, never give up hope that their daughter will one day be found. In the movie, their devotion to finding their daughter is symbolized by thousands of lights they send into the air every year on her birthday. In essence, they fill the skies with light hoping Rapunzel will see the lights and return to them. Their hearts refuse to give up. They continue to beckon for their child.

Tragically yet beautifully, Rapunzel can see the lights from her tower. In fact, they are the only joy in her lonely existence. So much so, that each year she waits for them, and is inexplicably drawn to them, somehow knowing they have special meaning. They are precious to her and she longs to know of their origin. Finally, on her 18th birthday, her desire to see the lights up close grows bigger than her fear of the unknown, and her escape to freedom begins.  

This is where my sister-in-law comes in.  To her, the actions of the King and the Queen, specifically their willingness to keep seeking their lost child, reminded her of our God.  As the lights filled the sky, my dear sister thought of  our Jesus (John 1:9), the eternal Light of the world, sent to beckon us home (Rev 22:17).

What a tender heart to see our God in such a way!  How neat to be reminded of our Creator God, the author and the fulfillment of our need to be found, our need to be called home.  How amazing to have a God who would send His perfect Light into darkness, and beckon us to come!

I'm guessing Disney didn't purpose to place a Bible study in the midst of their blockbuster, but when you look at it through my sister's eyes, I'd say they did just that. After all, any deep need, any deep longing is but a reminder, but a word picture of our deepest need - our need for a Savior.

Below I have included the scene in which Rapunzel finally gets to see the lights, finally begins to understand they are for her. As you watch it, listen to the words the young girl sings. Watch her excitement as she finally sees her hearts desire, and maybe ask yourself if you have lost some of yours. Perhaps even take a moment and rejoice that you have a God who shines through the darkness. That no matter how far away you are, or how long you have lived in the tower, He beckons you to come.

I did, and I must say, I too was moved.

PS.  Thank you dear, sister.


  1. You make my soul long for God with your insights and writings. Thank you so much for being faithful in your blogging!

  2. Thanks,sister-in-law.

  3. Thank You, for Sharing Jessica. Robin

  4. Jessica,
    You wrote this more than a year ago...........but it spoke perfectly to my heart today!! Thanks,