Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brain Worms

Last night my son asked if brain worms were real. As he asked, he was squeezing the bridge of his nose.  When I answered no, he exhaled and said, "Oh, good, 'cause Teddy and Ty (his cousins) told me you get brain worms from playing the computer too much.  My nose was starting to hurt, and I was worried I had one."

I supressed my giggle,but soon started thinking of  my own brain worms; the things I believe, or have been told, that just aren't true.   They range from little lies about myself, or the way others view me, all the way up to how I view my God.  They're insipid little buggers that wiggle there way in and, well, just plain make my nose hurt. 
For fun, I thought we could shed some light on our "Christian" brain worms in the hope that they'll just shrivel on up and go away.  I'll start with three.

Worm 1 -  God is like 911; only to be called in emergencies
When my daughter was about two, she called 911.  It was an accident, but the operator gave me a stern lecture on how such meaningless calls are a waste of time and resources.  Sadly, many of us think (or have been given) the same of God.  We think He's only for the important stuff, asking Him for that new house, or that perfect new dress, is an abuse of the line.  This brain worm is not only wrong, it's dangerous; it hampers our communication with God.   Think about it, if you feel shallow asking God to help you drop those last few pounds, you probably won't think to thank Him when you do.  Don't be afraid to make him part of your small and mundane.  After all, He likes you.(1 Peter 5:7)

Worm 2 - You must pre-rinse
This one is popular.  It's the notion you have to pre-rinse before God can wash.  It's like cleaning before the cleaning lady comes, or getting to the Dentist office early so you can duck in the bathroom and brush your teeth.  Nothing about this one is true.  You can come to God just are you are.  This doesn't only apply to the lost coming to be saved, it also applies to the already saved who still find themselves back in the mud.  When it comes to God, no pre-rinse required, the blood of Jesus is all it takes(Romans 3:24).

Worm 3- Christians should always seem happy
Yes, God is the cure to all of this world's ills, but this doesn't mean the sicknesses won't hurt. (John 16:33) They do. Recently, while in a meeting, a woman shared a pain she was expereincing.  She said, "I know God is good, and God is True, but this really hurts, and I'm going to cry about it."  I wanted to stand up and applaud!  The mark of a "true" Christian is not always a stiff upper lip, many times it is a quivering one.  It's okay to show your hurt.  This doesn't negate your faith in His power.

Well, there you have it.  Three brain worms I came up with.  Funny thing about these worms, when we talk about them it brings them to the light of day; it takes the teeth out of them.  .

So, here's my idea.  Let's make a list of them.   In the comment section below, why don't you share your own brain worm.  Simply type, "I often believe ________________ about God, my faith, or even myself."  If this makes you nervous, don't worry, you can post your worm anonymously, no name tags required.   Let's just bring them to the light of day and let the Son shrivel them up. 

Also, I'm pretty sure most of our worms are cousins.  If you've got it, odds are someone else can really relate.

Now, onto our worms.


  1. I often believe I am a failure to God. I struggle to see the victories he has in my life which prevents me from acknowledging just how often I really turn to him and giving him the glory for all he does in my life.

  2. Oh my,how this worm is insidious! Thanks so much for being brave enough to share first. Today, I will be praying specifically for you, that this ugly worm,this lie, just shrivels right up!

  3. Thanks for posting this, Jessica.

    So many worms, so little time.....and a Toothless worm, well that's a start.

    Sometimes I believe I have to initiate or perpetuate the work and walk for the path God has for me. It seems that just "being" it's enough, or that God might chalk up points against me for being lazy/apathetic in my pursuit of him or his purposes for me. Maybe it's a hands-on approach toward Christian maturity, but it too much disregards God's smile on me for simply just being alive and being his. How easy it can be to work for his approval (and our own).

    God is teaching me, this week, to "do nothing" for him, so to shrivel the worm of directed action and frenetic works to please him and please myself.

  4. I often think that I have to handle things for God - which usually ends selfishly and in disaster. Trusting Him to know what is best, when is best and how is best is often difficult. I often struggle with patience and trusting God to take of me. My worm is thinking God needs my help!

  5. Some more great worms. Well, bad worms, but great explanations. You know what I mean....

    I laughed when I read, "I think I have to handle things for God." What a great way to put it.

    And yes, the toothless worm is indigenous to Southern Australia, but only live for about 21 days. Dingos eat them. Very nasty buggers.