Monday, February 14, 2011

Verizon and Valentine's Day

I just got off the phone with Verizon Customer Support.  I spoke to "Ed," however based on his accent, I am guessing this was a pseudonym, and Ed was speaking to me from India rather than Indiana.

At one point, Ed and I had to wait 30 seconds for my modem to reboot.  Me, being me, decided to fill the silence.  I say to Ed, "So how many of these calls must you get in a day."  Of course, I wasn't looking for a concrete answer, but Ed, not having a real grasp of English idiom,  answered seriously, "I am sorry, mam, I do not count my calls."

How ironic, Ed was able to break into my computer and fix my problem, but he wasn't able to understand the simple meaning behind my words.

This little encounter gives us another opportunity to marvel at our God.  Did you know there are estimated to be over 6,700 known languages in our world, over 6,700 yet the Gospel of Jesus Christ transcends them all.  Poor Ed and I can't even fill 3o seconds, yet my God speaks them all.

This may not seem all that profound,  but when I put this together with the fact that someone with this much knowledge chose to know me, I am brought to my knees.  The God who speaks it all, speaks directly to my heart.  The one who knows the language of every soul, sings to mine, sings to yours.

There are over 6.9 billion of us on this planet, each of us with our own special language, our own special idioms, and my God, the one who calls me friend, speaks them all.

So with that, Happy Valentine's Day!


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